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If Religion Were to be a Fragile Form of Art, then Wolverine Would Be Its Messenger

Imagine a fictional world of dreams. A world that has been created solely by you. A place where you can picture both your happy and bleak moments with just a touch of the brush. It might be a world of dreams but nonetheless, it might be a world of dreams. Yet, it is made up of your realities, sad or impressive memories, your delicate moments. It is embodied from your expactations and yearnings. This fictional world is not for the ones that cannot appreciate real art or lack the capacity to visualize things in a wide perspective. If you do not embark on a journey or take a step into the world of dreams as soon as touches your ears melodies reverberating from that screen of mysteries. The fragile and delicate form of arts is not for you. They provides a melody consists of beats which offers imaginable motifs for melancholic souls seeking intensity, euphoria impactful ambiance and fragile art.

Naturally, this world of dreams has not just taken shape in my mind. The stroke of the brush is triggered as soon as the impact of the notes taking root from and adorned with brightness by the spiritual world are heard by us. This is a landscape that includes not only our deepest enjoyments and fragility but also depict the mysterious power that eventually leads us to the realities which make us happy. And as such I perceive a world of dreams that is untouched. Each note and sound that reaches our ears has extreme importance for me. You will not be able to identify a single false note among thousands. Each note mesmerizes you. You would find yourselves questioning how such art could be created. The artwork reflects an authentic perfection and mystery. Each one the notes has already started to create “terra incognita”. The sacred and mysterious land..

We place this art piece that has been identified with our personality for years, giving us energy, shaping our spirit, expressing all our habits, love, imagination and love of arts in a house of glass. This most eye-catching and magnificent part of the view to our world of dreams takes up the most coveted place in the glasshouse. Once we start listening and observing it, we would be lost in it. We cannot refreain from glancing at it or bear to part with it. This magnificent view stares at us from our house of glass; the perfection of this view and art form as well as its fragility and delicateness consumes us. We would already be lost in a deep haze of joy. Our bones start to shatter, and our knees buckle. We let go of our spirit free into the deep blue of this world of dreams. Here the pleasures reach their peak leaving goose bumps..

When this is the case nothing would be able to stop you from sampling this taste, this musical flavor. The harmony created by melodies continues to light up your house of glass. It sparkles in a tremulous way..


Such an excellent piece of art that has taken well part of 5 years to create and been awaited with eagerness for the last few years, would not fall short of meeting all your expectations. Even when I listened to it for the first time it had this affect on me. I cannot believe my ears and fall into the depths of this spirit that has been let loose on my feelings. It is a rare occurrence that notes would take you to the most cherished and mysterious instants of life, the first time you hear them. Such power! Is it possible? You will not be able to find even a single gap, falut or nonsense. There would not be a single common or meaningless piece in it. You would understand, understand why 3-4 years were spent working on an album and why such an incredible, powerful, spiritual art work that wraps around our souls has been created..

Wolverine is a great beauty with the sole purpose of creating art that originates from Sweden, a place giving life to real art. Very few people have heard about it. It is the nature of things isn’t it? The tiny pieces of truth always remain unceovered. They are not a product of popular modds, temporary fads and envies we harbor. They are there to perform real music. So it seems, the product of 3-4 years of work is to enwrap us in inspiration, to relay us messages from depths of life, so souuth our souls. Talent must be something like this.

Atmosphere? The most effective indeed..

Acoustics? All around you..

Vocals? The kind that sends you the world of fairies with is clarity..

Cello, violin, keyboard, piano and other exotic instruments to bewitch you..

In comparision to this progressive masterpiece of art that is full of distinguished melodies, for a moment, even Pink Floyd, which has a deep place in my heart, seemed weak and hazy.

If the existence of melodies is real and you think there is a musical masterpiece that would shoot you through your heart then the “Communication Lost” creation of Wolverine has already pulled the trigger. It has long sent your old favorites into oblivion. What is left to you would be to say your thanks..

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